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"I worked as a management consultant for 25 years and got wrapped up in my work. I took my eye off the ball at home and nearly lost my marriage. But I turned things around and I can give you a roadmap to do the same – to create a marriage that works for both partners."

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Straight Talk for Men about Marriage tells you:

  • Why relationship talks usually don’t work—and what will work
  • How to fight with integrity
  • How to give criticism so a man will change
  • How to have the kind of relationship where you never have to hear, "Honey, we need to talk about our relationship" again.

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Marty Friedman had it all. Traveling throughout the US, Europe and Japan consulting on practical communications, management and people issues with major corporations. He and his wife had a nice home and three kids. He thought he had it made. Imagine his surprise when his wife of nearly 20 years pointed out that they no longer had much of a relationship and she’d had enough. Read More about Marty's personal story...

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"I have found Marty to be insightful, warm, real, brilliant and more understanding in his comprehension of the male psyche and heart than I have ever experienced. He has helped me www.sex-sofa.com/fleshlight-review learn about women and myself after a painful divorce and a second marriage. I never imagined being able to learn this much so quickly."
– Steve Klein, Author and Designer: Klein Guitars/Kleinguitars.com

In all my years of being a psychotherapist in California and also interviewing people for radio and television, I have rarely experienced talking with a male who is so completely understanding and compassionate about the struggle of women to create thriving relationships. His ability to be guide me through the pitfalls of intimacy, power struggle and the frustration of living with a caveman, are beyond what I have ever seen. His friendly and relaxed way of encouraging and offering insight is rare and he is able to hear my needs while still telling me how to build my marriage.
– Katy Byrne, Radio host, KSVY-FM, Sonoma CA; Newspaper Columnist




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